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results-oriented leader

Stephanie Allen, Ed.S, Founder of Mathematically Scientific is a results-oriented leader, with over fifteen years of success in the educational field. Ms. Allen is a distinguished science educator who successfully taught, for over a decade, the various sciences such as Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, and Biology.

Mathematically Scientific was born out of her eagerness to get educators and students excited about science education and STEM related disciplines. To date, she has spent the last few years traveling across the state of Mississippi and Alabama working in collaboration with educators to improve instructional practices which lead to increased student achievement. Her goal is to to create a more innovative way to close the achievement gaps of students by bringing STEM related disciplines to life. That means, getting students excited about STEM related disciplines by fully embracing the student centered approach within the classroom through innovation and inquiry. Ms. Allen’s personal educational  mantra is “hands-on, minds-on.” MSI wants to empower educators to become more imaginative and inspirational while utilizing STEM principles and practices to simultaneously prepare our students for the ever changing world around them. 

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Empowering Educators to Embrace Hands-On, Minds-On Learning

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