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What makes us different

We are living in the digital age–where the world, information, and technology around us is ever-evolving.  Our students are ready to thrive in this new phenomenon? To conscientiously shape our future, we’ll need more than basic literacy in science and technology. Therefore, it is our goal to make sure our work in education supports the innovative practices that are expected of the 21st Century student. 

Mathematically Scientific is a company whose mantra is “hands-on and minds-on.” We are focused on helping our partners move students to the next level in STEM focused disciplines. Our approach is based on inclusivity and collaboration with” active” participation for teachers and students. We don’t just want students to read and learn STEM, we want students to actively participate through inquiry and experimentation. Our innovative practices seek to unlock the 4 I’s of Mathematically Scientific: Innovation, Inquiry, Inspiration, and Imagination,


Our core values

INNOVATION: Learners creating solutions and ideas through study, research, and  experimentation. 

INQUIRY: Learners seeking information by asking questions, exploring and investigating 

INSPIRATION:  Igniting creativity in educators and students through phenomenon based learning.

IMAGINATION: Utilizing the creative power of the mind while preparing students for the 21st century.

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Our approach
to education


“Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and in the doing of such  nature will demand thinking, and only then will learning be the result.”  -John Dewey

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